• Beauty Treatments Toronto

    Good personal trainer and wide range of programs like cardio exercise, power plate, and TRX etc.. )

    Vivian Huang
  • Beauty Treatments Toronto
    Great trainers. Great atmosphere. Great results.
    Timothy Macnab
  • Beauty Treatments Toronto

    I recently joined The Power Insitute and was nervous about starting a new workout program all over again. The team here was so welcoming and helped me get back into exercising in a way that was right for me. I would highly recommend The Power Institute to anyone looking for a program with a one on one trainer, not only because of the customized fitness plan, but also because when you’re there they make you feel like family.

    Kimberly Barnard
  • Beauty Treatments Toronto

    I was introduced to the Power Institute about three years ago when I was looking to replace my group workouts with a more strength-based program. I was looking for a place that would help me tone my body, gain strength (especially in my weaker spots), and encourage me to try things outside my comfort zone. Three years later, I’m using my body in ways that I never thought I could. They keep things challenging, introducing me to ever complex and creative exercises that suit my body. I've toned and gained strength everywhere, and I’ve never looked or felt better. The Power Institute is the GOAT!

    Emily Rayson